Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs)

Transfer Interest Group students

Become a Peer Learning Advisor for Fall 2024

The MU FIGs program is hiring student leaders who are passionate about Mizzou and their majors to serve as Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs) for the fall 2024 term! Serving as a PLA offers students an excellent way to build their resumes, expand their professional networks, earn college credit, and earn a valuable leadership credential through the Novak leadership Institute. Our PLAs work directly with campus faculty and staff to offer a one-credit-hour FIG seminar to incoming freshmen in the fall.

PLAs serve as mentors to incoming freshmen by helping them navigate their majors and Mizzou, and by helping them forge bonds that last a lifetime. If you are knowledgeable about resources and opportunities at Mizzou and enjoy connecting with students in a faced-paced environment, apply now!

How to apply:

Through Handshake, please submit a cover letter indicating which FIG you are interested in leading and a resume that includes your major/minor and GPA. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jerry Frank, Professor and Director of the FIGs program, at

If you are interested in applying past the March 1st deadline, please email with your resume that includes your GPA, Major/Minor, and cover letter.

What are the benefits of becoming a FIG Peer Learning Advisor (PLA)?

  • Leadership Development: 
    • Opportunity to build and enhance leadership skills through active engagement in mentoring and guiding incoming freshmen. 
  • Professional Portfolio Building: 
    • Inclusion of PLA experience in resumes to showcase leadership, mentorship and organizational skills. Utilize resources to help you articulate your experience in your resume and in interviews.
  • Novak Leadership Institute Credential: 
    • Enroll in an invitation-only 1-credit course (JOURN 4146) offered by the Novak Leadership Institute to receive comprehensive training on leadership, Mizzou resources and FIG seminar planning. 
      • For those unable to enroll in the course, a compressed training/orientation session is provided, ensuring all PLAs receive the necessary preparation.
  • Networking Opportunities: 
    • Connect with campus faculty, staff and peers, expanding personal and professional networks within the university community that can aid you in your career. 
  • Positive Impact on Others: 
    • Serve as a mentor to incoming freshmen, helping them form lasting bonds and providing guidance on their academic and personal journey. Contribute to their academic success by assisting them in navigating their majors and academic requirements.
  • Financial Compensation: 
    • Receive an honorarium of $725 for the duration of the position, recognizing the time and effort you invest in supporting incoming freshmen. 
  • Flexible Scheduling: 
    • You’ll have flexibility in coordinating the day/time of the fall FIG seminar with the faculty/staff mentor, allowing for better work-life balance. 
  • Residential Independence: 
    • FIGs are no longer tied to Residential Life, enabling students to serve as a PLA without the requirement of living on campus or being a Residential Advisor. 
  • Unique FIG Experience:
    • Be part of a unique and engaging learning experience, contributing to the academic and social integration of freshmen into the Mizzou community. Connect with other PLAs and develop new friendships!