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What is a FIG?

Freshman Interest Groups, or FIGs, offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step into a ready-made community in pursuit of excellence at Mizzou. By joining a FIG in your major or area of interest, you will gain priority access to in-demand classes while benefitting from a weekly seminar led by a teaching team comprised of Peer Learning Advisor and a faculty or staff member. You’ll benefit from key resources and opportunities at Mizzou while building robust personal and professional networks.

You will also be co-enrolled with about 20 other FIG students in three classes selected by your FIG leader, which gives you a built-in study group from day one. You’ll start out on track toward earning your degree with the advising, classmates and resources you need for a successful transition to Mizzou.

Beginning in 2024, incoming freshmen can both participate in a Freshman Interest Group and select their roommate and living arrangements through Residential Life. There is no residential component to the FIGs program.

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